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Established in Shanghai, China, IT Consultis is a leading Digital Transformation Consultancy in China and Asia, offering both strategic consulting and implementation services to empower ambitious Fortune 500 companies and C-Levels in various industries worldwide. Our team of highly talented and multi-disciplinary workers is committed and strives to push the boundaries of creativity in every project.

Digital Transformation Audit, Omnichannel, Loyalty, & Go-To-Market Strategy
Marketing Automation, CRM, CDP, Social CRM, & WeCom Clienteling
Tailor-Made Digital and Commerce Experiences & System Integration
Digital Transformation Talent Augmentation Services (DigiTTAS)


ITC can guide brands through the digitalization process from strategy to implementation in China

We understand that embarking on Digitalization is a Work In Progress. It takes hard work, persistence, time, and investment, especially for a unique and ever-changing market like China. We frequently hear from many of our clients, including the brand manager, CTO, CDO, CMO, and VP, about their “start-stop” initiatives due to the lack of a clear roadmap, until their partnership with ITC.

ITC has extensive knowledge and experience in the China & Asia market to support brands on their digital transformation journey

As a leading Digital Transformation Consultancy based in Shanghai, China, IT Consultis has over 11 years of experience in Digital Transformation in China and Asia. We have worked with over 600 clients, including Fortune 500 companies in various industries and business models – B2B, B2C, B2B2B, and B2B2C.
Some of our top (and loyal) clients include LVMH, Moschino, Hublot, Intralox, Hays, Dulwich College, GSK, Melia, and BASF,…

ITC will cater to your specific business needs by providing tailor-made strategic playbook, user journey, digital enablers, and system integrations

There is no “one-size-fits-all” magic recipe. Expert consultants at ITC with an extensive background in the Chinese market will take a deep dive into your business, understand it inside out, and identify your core challenges to recommend tailored strategic and execution digital transformation solutions in China.

At ITC, we focus on maximizing the Return on Investments (ROI) for our clients. Our strategic recommendations will include the projected Capital and Operational Expenditure for the next 1, 3, or 5 years

Part of our consulting mission is also to clearly draw out the Capital and Operation Expenditures (CapEx and OpEx) across your one-year, two-year, or five-year strategy roadmap. This should give you a clear idea of how much you need to invest in the short run and the long run to successfully target the low-hanging fruits and start building a foundation for future scalability. Our ultimate focus is to ensure that you get the best ROI on your DX journey.

ITC is fully equipped to offer end-to-end digital services to help brands make the most out of both existing and future touchpoints for the ultimate Omnichannel experiences

Grow Your Business and Revenue in China and Globally with:

Digital Transformation Audit >

Not sure where to start? As a leading Digital Transformation Agency in China & APAC, ITC has helped 50+ brands audit and organize a clearer digital transformation playbook to stay ahead of the curve and deliver added value to customers.

Omnichannel & Loyalty Program >

We tackle Omnichannel & Loyalty from both a strategic and technical perspective. Work with experienced consultants and tech experts at ITC to connect all your digital systems (ERP, CRM, Social CRM, CDP, eCommerce, etc.) and build a seamless Omnichannel experience for customers to drive conversions and O2O traffic.


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Case Studies

Pernod Ricard icon

Building A Successful D2C Ecosystem for Pernod Ricard in China

Drinks&Co, the top-notch enabler of Pernod Ricard, implemented the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) strategy in China to distribute more products directly to the end consumers and collect additional customer data.

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IT Consultis Project Pernod Ricard digital transformation in China
Basf icon

BASF Omnichannel Loyalty Mini Program & Reach Optimization

Discover how IT Consultis helped BASF, a leading German chemical conglomerate, target a very niche group of customers: agricultural farmers across China who are non-tech-savvy and living a very traditional lifestyle without much digital adoption.

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IT Consultis Project BASF Mini Program mobile mockup User page


ITC can help you push the right content to the right users at the right time to continuously enrich your users’ profiles, enhance data insights acquisition, and boost revenue growth on WeChat, Mini Programs, and moreITC can help you win over the Chinese market with the right Social CRM tools and strategic playbook

Due to the differences in the technological ecosystem and the unpopularity of common Western media – SMS and emails, marketing and CRM strategies in China are very different. Here, social media, especially WeChat, are the main hubs, as they are deeply integrated into every aspect of the users’ daily lives. Therefore, to make it in China, brands need to leverage Marketing Automation solutions with Social CRM (sCRM) and WeCom (used to be WeChat Work).

With 11+ years of experience in the China market, ITC is fully equipped to help you establish seamless connections and operations among the 3 macro funnels in China - Private Traffic, Public Traffic, and Retail/Offline Stores

To optimize reach, stand out among the fierce competition, and maximize revenue generation in China, brands need to implement a holistic omnichannel strategy that seamlessly connects 3 key funnels – Private Traffic, Public Traffic, and Offline channels.

ITC will help you adopt the right tools and develop tailored operating methodologies leveraging Marketing Automation, CRM, Social CRM (sCRM), and WeCom (WeChat Work) in China to achieve these synergies. In particular, you will be able to:

ITC can help you streamline Direct Data Capture to enable 100% data ownership

We understand brands’ needs to collect and own valuable customer data, especially considering the lack of data ownership, rising regulation complexities, and increasing acquisition costs on public traffic platforms like and Tmall.

Work with expert consultants at our Digital Transformation Consultancy ITC to efficiently drive direct data collection from Private Traffic domains like WeChat and power future processing activities, including tracking, integration, and organization.

ITC can help you achieve Omnichannelity & build a holistic Client Profile

Together with a well-developed omnichannel strategy and necessary intelligence system integrations, we can help you leverage Marketing Automation, Social CRM (sCRM), and WeCom to identify users from multiple touchpoints and build holistic user profiles for segmentation, visualization, and insights generation.

ITC can help you personalize engagements for Targeting & Retargeting initiatives

Our top Strategy Consultants with years of experience in Digital Transformation for the China market will also assist you with enhancing and personalizing user experiences to effectively target and nurture them to conversion and establish a loyalty loop to power repeated engagements and purchases.

ITC can help you identify & build personal Long-Term Relationships with Clients via WeCom

Accelerate the Digital Transformation in China for your Retail system by seamlessly integrating the WeCom Enterprise system with your WeChat channel to drive more professional and personal communication with clients, especially the VIPs and EIPs, while streamlining internal collaboration.

Enhance Lead Generation, Data Capturing, and Sales Conversions with:

Marketing Automation, CRM, Social CRM >

Work with top ITC consultants to build a strategic playbook and implementation plans with Marketing Automation and Social CRM for WeChat to stay competitive in a market where personalized engagements are highly valued.

WeCom Clienteling >

Consolidate all your business functionalities in WeCom (WeChat Work) to achieve personalized customer engagement and empower long-term meaningful relationships on WeChat, especially with high-value VIP customers.


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Case Studies

IT Consultis Project Education logo

Enhance Branding and Lead Generation in Education with Social CRM & Marketing Automation (Group-Level)

Learn about how our Social CRM (sCRM) and Marketing Automation strategy helped a prestigious international education group in China enhance branding and boost student recruitment (lead generation) for its schools.

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IT Consultis Project Education phone 1
IT Consultis Project Education logo

Student Recruitment via WeChat with Social CRM & Marketing Automation (School-Level)

Learn about our Social CRM (sCRM) and Marketing Automation strategies for the School-level of a prestigious international education group in China to expand their lead generation capability

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IT Consultis Project Education phone 3


ITC has set up e-Commerce platforms supporting 50,000+ orders per day and millions of RMB in revenue. We also build customized WeChat Mini Programs and global and local websites for the China market

With 12+ years of experience and now a leading Digital Transformation Agency in China, we are fully equipped to help you develop fully localized Digital Enablers – E-Commerce, WeChat Mini Program, Website, CMS, and Application – and implement necessary intelligent System Integration to power your digital transformation strategies.

This includes adapting from a strategy and user experience perspective (the sitemap & China-friendly UX/UI design) to a technical one (the functionalities, infrastructure, & data flow) to deliver a seamless and visually pleasing user experience to the Chinese audience while complying with local data regulations like the PIPL.

ITC can help you build the right infrastructure for China right from the start

We have an in-depth understanding of China’s unique Digital Behaviors and Tech Ecosystem as a result of the Great Firewall.

The in-house strategy consultants, tech experts, and developers at ITC will help you leverage the most suitable technologies (e.g. Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel) right from the beginning, in terms of functionality, scalability, and investments. We will provide you with the projected long- and short-term Capital and Operational Expenses (CapEx and OpEx) to help you maximize your ROI.

ITC ensures that brands own 100% of the data and source code

Going with a Closed-Source technology means the tech vendor is the only party that owns the source code and knows how to operate them, leaving you with zero ownership of the captured consumers’ data and the code.

At ITC, we help ambitious brands pick the best CUSTOMIZABLE OPEN-SOURCE tech solution, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to confidently take over after our collaboration and empower future strategic expansions.

ITC can help you become China-ready with our tailored digital transformation services, including suitable tech solution selection, business intelligence system integration, WeChat APIs, Chinese APIs, Setup & Management, Chinese Server/Hosting Management, Chinese Systems Setup, and Data Floes Streamlining & PIPL Compliance

Build Capable Digital Assets to Realize Your Business Goals

Consult with ITC tech experts to start designing, developing, and optimizing top-performing digital enablers, including:

E-Commerce >

We can help you develop a tailor-made e-Commerce WeChat Mini Program, Website, or APP. We can also implement a sync-up between all your e-Commerce stores and systems, including your Mini Program and eCommerce Website.

WeChat Mini Program >

Build a customizable Mini Program as a powerful private traffic channel with a dedicated purpose to deliver top-notch user experience while directly capturing users’ data:

  • Loyalty WeChat Mini Program
  • Community WeChat Mini Program
  • Customer Service Mini Program
  • Gamification Mini Program
  • and more…

Website >

Ensure you have a well-positioned website with great performance, ease of navigation, an efficient content management system (CMS), and data capture capability with a China-friendly design and user experience that aligns well with your brand image.

Leverage Top Technologies to Optimize User Experience and Drive Conversions:

Magento (Open-Source or Adobe Commerce) >

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is the best e-Commerce platform in China and the #1 Open-Source platform worldwide, suitable for brands developing highly functional and customized e-Commerce solutions, such as a WeChat Mini Program, website, or Application. As a long-term partner with Magento, we are fully equipped to guide you toward the right development and execution direction.

Drupal >

For brands looking to level up their content management system, Drupal is the best open-source CMS platform in China to drive continuous innovation and power even the busiest content-driven websites, enabling brands to move quickly and capitalize on business opportunities.

WordPress >

WordPress is a top free and Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) platform with an extensive feature list and a huge number of enterprise-grade modules. It is also highly secure and easy to manage and scale to meet your future functional needs.

Laravel >

Laravel is our go-to back-end platform for an ultimate tailored digital enabler, be it a WeChat Mini Program, Website, or App. It is preferably utilized as the foundation for powerful Omnichannel Loyalty Mini Programs.

Enable Seamless Data Flow and Consolidation with:

System Integration >

By integrating all systems, including e-Commerce, OMS, POS, ERP, WMS, CDP, DMP, and CRM, that will intelligently communicate together, we can ultimately deliver a seamless experience for your Clients and You as the operators with perfect data circulation and display while complying with local data regulations (i.e. PIPL).


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Case Studies

IT Consultis Project Banyan Tree logo

Website Revamp for the Global Hospitality Group Banyan Tree with Drupal

Learn how we helped a leading international hotel & resort group - Banyan Tree - revamp the websites for its 4 hotel brands and more than 200 properties to enhance global visibility and maximize ROI with Drupal.

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IT Consultis Project Banyan Tree mobile mockup

How Yizhiji WeChat Mini Program Disrupted the Cosmetic Industry

A French beauty and cosmetics brand has the ambition to disrupt the beauty industry in China with its high-designed, connected, and ultra-personalized lipsticks by providing their audience with an one-and-only user experience.

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Yizhiji phone mockup 2


IT Consultis understands the need to stay innovative and efficient with the right players at the right time, especially in a fast-moving market like China and APAC. This is why we offer Project Management Office (PMO) and Dedicated Resource Placement Services

To maximize operational efficiency in this fast-moving and competitive business climate, BPO and shared services can be the solutions for companies to equip themselves with the right Technology talents at the right time.

At IT Consultis (ITC), we offer PMO (Project Management Office) and Dedicated Resource Placement services in China to help businesses maximize allocated resources for project execution.

ITC has deep knowledge on different markets and sectors with 11+ years of experience in China and APAC and 600+ Satisfied Clients in many industries and business sectors, including B2B, Luxury, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and many more

ITC is a leading digital transformation consultancy in China and APAC with 11+ years of experience in strategy consulting and technological implementation. We know the ins and outs of many markets and business sectors, including B2B, Luxury, Healthcare, and E-Commerce, and many more.

Therefore, we know precisely which expert can deliver the best results and add the right values in digital transformation and project management.

ITC can help you recruit and place key resources for long-term missions lasting 6 months to a year or more, ensuring that they can follow through with the project from start to finish

With our IT Recruitment services in China, you can find the best Consultants, Developers, and Project Managers who can best address your human resources needs for long-term missions lasting from 6 months to 1 year or more. This ensures that these key players can oversee the entirety of your projects, from start to finish.

Project Management and Dedicated Resources Placement contracts can be project-based, time-material, or ticket-based, depending on your unique business needs to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

ITC can help you find talents from our extensive external professional network and connect you with experts from our internal team

In addition to linking businesses with top experts in our professional circle, ITC provides Technology Recruitment services in China to help you recruit many talented and seasoned Strategy Consultants, Project Managers, Developers (Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel), and other tech experts from our internal team to best address your staffing needs.

We will also help you monitor and manage the performance of the talents recruited, ensuring that they deliver high-quality results matching the expectations.

ITC has been building efficient digital teams for many brands, including Bristol Myers Squibb, LVMH, RS Components, Eyebuydirect, Apple, and more

Standardize and Automate Project Management Processes in an Agile Way:

Project Management Office Services (PMO) >

Choose ITC as your leading PMO in China with a seamless package of Project Planning, Project Implementation, and Project Tracking. We will help you manage your project execution with ongoing optimizations to address evolving needs and concerns, ensure efficient cross-department communication and collaboration, and achieve ultimate business goals and objectives.

Fill The Talent Gaps of Your Ambitious Projects with:

Dedicated Resource Placement Service >

ITC can help you find and hire dedicated resources in China, including recruiting Technology talents and setting up a complete Digital Team with Project Managers, Consultants, Developers, etc. Our package also includes performance monitoring during the entire life cycle of the candidates.


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Case Studies

Swatch icon

Swatch Boosting Sales with a Loyalty Program on WeChat

Successfully localized the global Swatch Club to WeChat platform allowing Chinese audiences the most convenient way to enjoy exclusive member benefits, personalized services, and increase customer retention.

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Swatch phone

Leica Localizing Global Website in China with Drupal

A smooth user experience for Leica's Chinese customers by improving the entire site structure with evolutive CMS to localize Leica's assets for the Chinese market.

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IT Consultis Project Drupal website development in China for Leica mobile mockup

The Technologies

IT Consultis empowers the most ambitious global brands through digital transformation in fast-moving China and Asian markets. With a team of 70 experts across three countries, ITC provides disruptive creative and technology solutions aiming at maximum ROI.

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