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Based in Shanghai, IT Consultis (ITC) is an award-winning Digital Transformation Consultancy in China & Asia, empowering Fortune 500 companies with the right strategy & execution playbook to grow revenue and build customer loyalty.

Digital Transformation & Change Management
Digital Transformation Talent Augmentation
Lead Generation & Customer Engagement
Technology Consulting & Execution



We guide you through the entire digitalization process

Embarking on digitalization is a work in progress. It takes hard work, persistence, time, and investment, be it in China or globally. We frequently hear from many of our partners, including the VP, CIO, CDO, CMO, CTO, and General Manager… about their “start-stop” initiatives due to the lack of a clear roadmap, until their partnership with ITC.

We support effective change management

Our commitment extends beyond strategy & technology implementation. We excel in orchestrating change management to foster internal buy-in and seamless alignment at every echelon – from the group- to the brand-level; from visionary C-levels to agile managers and dedicated staff; across departments; and from internal to external stakeholders.

Through immersive workshops, focus groups, and educational training sessions, we can help you facilitate a smooth transition along the digital transformation journey in China and Asia.

We deliver custom-built solutions that set the right foundation from the start

There is no “one-size-fits-all” magic recipe. Expert consultants at IT Consultis will take a deep dive into your business, understand it inside out, and identify your core challenges to recommend tailored digital transformation solutions in China and globally, from auditing to strategy, and execution.

ITC will cater to your business, financial, and technical requirements together with our strategic partners

We provide clear short- and long-term investment projections

Part of our consulting mission is also to clearly draw out the Capital and Operation Expenditures (CapEx and OpEx) across your strategy roadmap. This should give you a clear idea of how much you need to invest in the short run and the long run to successfully target the low-hanging fruits and start building a foundation for future scalability. Our ultimate focus is to ensure that you get the best return on investment for a successful digital transformation.

At IT Consultis (ITC), we focus on ROI to achieve digital transformation success

We drive impactful digital transformation with maximum ROI

Each business is unique with varying needs – we can help you understand, balance, and implement what you truly need. This includes optimizing existing resources and processes and localizing what can already be done, sidestepping new investments with a low ROI.

WeCom (WeChat Work) has been a pivotal asset in many brands’ investments in China. It presents a unique opportunity for brands to effectively capture user attention & data, offer stellar personalized clienteling service, and secure quick wins, all while maximizing existing staff potential.

ITC has trained 2000+ WeCom users for clienteling and communication, including managers (Marketing, CRM, Retail, Store), sales associates, customer service representatives...

Salesforce has recently launched in China with tailored Customer 360 products. IT Consultis is becoming a certified partner to support brands with implementing Salesforce in China, building a holistic CRM system well-integrated with your global CRM and all the local business systems, while maintaining compliance with local data regulations.

Drive data capture & revenue in China and globally with:

Digital Transformation Audit >

Not sure where to start? As an award-winning digital transformation agency in China and Asia, ITC has helped 50+ brands audit and organize a clearer digital transformation playbook to stay ahead of the curve and deliver added value to customers.

Omnichannel & Loyalty Program >

We tackle omnichannel & loyalty from both a strategic and technical perspective. Work with experienced consultants and tech experts at ITC to connect all your digital systems (ERP, CRM, Social CRM, CDP, eCommerce, etc.) and build a seamless omnichannel experience for customers to drive conversions and O2O traffic.


Case Studies

Navigating China's Digital Landscape and Exploring the Latest Trends in Digital Transformation

In March 2023, IT Consultis had the incredible opportunity to lead a full-day change management workshop for Coty, one of the world's biggest luxury Fortune 500 companies.

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Navigating China's Digital Landscape and Exploring the Latest Trends in Digital Transformation
IT Consultis Project Moschino logo 2

End-to-End Digital Transformation in China for Moschino

In this case study, discover the formation of a tailored 3-year digital transformation roadmap in China for Moschino to significantly increase brand sales and resonance in China, empower online and offline sales, and drive customer retention.

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IT Consultis Project Moschino mockup 1



We can help you find the right talents & set up the best teams…

Find necessary highly-skilled professionals that best suit your needs with our staff augmentation services in China and globally to successfully drive complex digital transformation initiatives from start to end with optimal capacity and investments.

IT Consultis (ITC) offers tailored staff augmentation for digital transformation missions, including specialized individual recruitment & placement and integrated multidisciplinary digital team setup

… from our database of thousands of talents and positions

As an award-winning digital transformation consultancy in China and Asia with 12+ years of experience in strategy consulting and tech implementation, we have an extensive network of seasoned experts in different business sectors, including Luxury, Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Hospitality, Education, B2B, Manufacturing, Pharma, IT Services, and more.

We know just who can deliver the best results and add the right values to your digital transformation projects.

Staff Augmentation services in China from our database of thousands of talents and positions

Transform your workforce & boost productivity with:

Headhunting >

Thorough support throughout the recruitment process to discover digital talents with specialized skills that perfectly match your needs.

Short & Long-term Talent Solutions >

End-to-end talent acquisition, placement, and management on short and long-term contracts.

Performance management is included. We make sure your talents excel and meet digital transformation goals. Regular feedback and training are provided to ensure their success.




We can guide you through end-to-end Martech strategy & execution

Brands need to develop a clear digital transformation roadmap to meet and engage with their target audience on the right channels.

For China‘s unique digital landscape where super apps like WeChat are deeply integrated into daily lives and the main engagement hub, this includes leveraging:

  • Salesforce CRM for empowering customer engagement platforms and facilitating data flow with the global CRM and local systems, while ensuring data compliance
  • Marketing Automation solutions with Social CRM (sCRM) for personalized engagement with users on WeChat
  • WeCom clienteling (formerly known as WeChat Work) for building long-term 1-on-1 relationships with high-value clients
  • Robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) for a unified customer view
  • Necessary system integrations

Globally, brands need to ensure visibility and enhance engagement efficiency across all key channels via Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Landing Pages & Forms, Live Chat, and many more.

With the right strategy & execution playbook and streamlined change management, brands can amplify awareness, personalized engagement, loyalty, and data collection to build holistic user profiles.

At ITC, we take your true business needs into consideration when building your China roadmap to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Accelerate brand awareness and build holistic user personas in China (with Social CRM, WeCom, Loyalty, CDP) and globally (with SMS, Email, Forms, Live Chat, Loyalty, CDP, etc.)

We can help you streamline data capture & extend customers’ lifetime value (LTV)

We understand brands’ needs to collect and own valuable customer data, especially considering the lack of data ownership, rising regulation complexities, and increasing acquisition costs on Public Traffic platforms in China like JD.com and Tmall.

By incorporating the right tools and strategy & execution playbook, you can effectively collect first-party data from for future personalization strategies.

Based on data-driven insights, we will assist you with effectively targeting and nurturing users to conversion and establish a loyalty loop of repeated engagements and purchases, empowering the entire customer journey funnel.

IT Consultis (ITC) can help you empower lead generation, nurturing, and loyalty with the right tailored tactics in China and globallyIT Consultis is working with Singapore Economic Development Board to optimize Marketing Automation & Social CRM setup, improving the MQL identification efficiency by 3 times

We can help you achieve Omnichannelity

All in all, to maximize reach to the target markets, brands need to implement a holistic omnichannel strategy that seamlessly connects all key channels and conversion funnels.

In China, these are Private Traffic, Public Traffic, and Offline channels. Globally, you need to empower synergies between initiatives on Social Media, Ads, Email, SMS, Website, Offline, etc.

IT Consultis can help you establish and enhance all key channels and conversion funnels with seamless synergies in China and globally

Engage with and win over the end customers with the right playbook:

Salesforce CRM & CDP >

Incorporate Salesforce CRM into your short- and long-term digital strategy and execution playbook in China to effectively streamline data flow across departments & regions and accelerate sales generation.

Marketing Automation, CRM, Social CRM, CDP >

Work with top strategy consultants to build a strategy & implementation plan with Marketing Automation solutions and Social CRM for WeChat to stay competitive in a market where personalized engagements are highly valued.

WeCom Clienteling >

Consolidate all your business functionalities in WeCom (WeChat Work) to achieve personalized customer engagement and empower long-term meaningful relationships, especially with high-value VIP customers.


Case Studies

IT Consultis Project Dulwich College International logo 1

Enhance Branding and Lead Generation in Education with Social CRM & Marketing Automation (Group-Level)

Learn about how our Social CRM (sCRM) and Marketing Automation strategy helped a prestigious international education group in China enhance branding and boost student recruitment (lead generation) for its schools.

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ITC Homepage Dulwich 3
IT Consultis Project Dulwich College International logo 1

Student Recruitment via WeChat with Social CRM & Marketing Automation (School-Level)

Learn about our Social CRM (sCRM) and Marketing Automation strategies for the School-level of a prestigious international education group in China to expand their lead generation capability

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ITC Homepage Dulwich 4


With 12+ years of experience as an award-winning Digital Transformation Agency in China, Asia, Europe, and other global markets, we are fully equipped to help you develop fully localized digital enablersE-Commerce, WeChat Mini Program, Website, Content Management System (CMS), Application, and more – with necessary system integrations to ensure a streamlined data flow.

This includes adapting from a strategy and user perspective (the sitemap & UX/UI design) to a technical one (the functionalities, infrastructure, & data flow) to deliver a seamless and visually pleasing user experience while complying with local data regulations, such as GDPR, China PIPL

We can help you build the right infrastructure from the start

We have an in-depth understanding of the China and global markets’ digital behaviors and technological ecosystem.

The in-house strategy consultants, tech experts, and developers at ITC will help you leverage the most suitable technologies (i.e. Magento, Adobe Commerce, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel) right from the beginning, in terms of functionality, scalability, and investments.

We will provide the projected long- and short-term capital and operational expenses (CapEx and OpEx) to help you maximize your ROI.

ITC can help you develop local and global digital enablers with the right tech foundation

We ensure that you own 100% of the data & source code

Going with a closed-source technology means the tech vendor is the only party that owns the source code and knows how to operate them, leaving you with zero ownership of the captured consumers’ data and the code.

At ITC, we help ambitious Fortune 500 brands pick the best customizable open-source tech solution, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to confidently take over after our collaboration and empower future strategic expansions.

At ITC, we ensure that our partners own 100% of the customer data, including profiling data, behavioral data, and transactional data, and the source code

Accelerate your digitalization journey with our tailored offerings

  • Suitable tech platform selection
  • Business intelligence system integration
  • APIs setup and management (i.e. WeChat & Chinese APIs)
  • Server and hosting management
  • Systems setup
  • Data flow streamlining and PIPL compliance

IT Consultis is a certified eCommerce agency China, Drupal agency China, and WordPress agency China

Build powerful digital assets to realize your business goals:

E-Commerce >

We can help you develop a tailor-made e-Commerce WeChat Mini Program, Website, or APP. We can also implement a sync-up between all your e-Commerce stores, including your Mini Program and eCommerce website, and between your local and global systems.

WeChat Mini Program >

Build a customizable Mini Program as a powerful private traffic channel with a dedicated purpose to deliver top-notch user experience while directly capturing users’ data:

  • Loyalty WeChat Mini Program
  • Community WeChat Mini Program
  • Customer Service Mini Program
  • Gamification Mini Program
  • and more…

Website >

Ensure you have a well-positioned website with great performance, ease of navigation, an efficient content management system (CMS), and data capture capability with a China-friendly design and user experience that aligns well with your brand image.

Leverage Top Technologies to Optimize User Experience and Drive Conversions:

Magento (Open-Source or Adobe Commerce) >

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is the best e-Commerce platform in China and the #1 Open-Source platform worldwide, suitable for brands developing highly functional and customized e-Commerce solutions, such as a WeChat Mini Program, website, or Application. As a long-term partner with Magento, we are fully equipped to guide you toward the right development and execution direction.

Drupal >

For brands looking to level up their content management system, Drupal is the best open-source CMS platform in China to drive continuous innovation and power even the busiest content-driven websites, enabling brands to move quickly and capitalize on business opportunities.

WordPress >

WordPress is a top free and Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) platform with an extensive feature list and a huge number of enterprise-grade modules. It is also highly secure and easy to manage and scale to meet your future functional needs.

Laravel >

Laravel is our go-to back-end platform for an ultimate tailored digital enabler, be it a WeChat Mini Program, Website, or App. It is preferably utilized as the foundation for powerful Omnichannel Loyalty Mini Programs.

Enable seamless data flow and consolidation with:

System Integration >

By integrating all systems, including e-Commerce, OMS, POS, ERP, WMS, CDP, DMP, and CRM, that will intelligently communicate together, we can ultimately deliver a seamless experience for your Clients and You as the operators with perfect data circulation and display while complying with local data regulations (i.e. PIPL).


Case Studies

IT Consultis Project Banyan Tree logo

Website Revamp for the Global Hospitality Group Banyan Tree with Drupal

Learn how we helped a leading international hotel & resort group - Banyan Tree - revamp the websites for its 4 hotel brands and more than 200 properties to enhance global visibility and maximize ROI with Drupal.

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ITC Homepage Banyan Tree 3
IT Consultis Project Brandy Melville logo 2

Localized eCommerce App in China for Brandy Melville's Fashion Lovers

The Magento application development for Brandy Melville yielded thousands of orders per day and hundreds of millions of RMB in sales from Chinese fashion lovers since its launch.

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ITC Homepage Brandy Melville 3

The Technologies

IT Consultis empowers the most ambitious global brands through digital transformation in fast-moving China and Asian markets. With a team of 70 experts across three countries, ITC provides disruptive creative and technology solutions aiming at maximum ROI.

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