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Why Use Magento for eCommerce in China?

Magento (Open-Source or Adobe Commerce) is the number 1 eCommerce platform in the world as well as China.

Since Magento 100% specializes in eCommerce solutions, it can offer tailored levels of service for any of your business needs, which is one of its strongest points.

Due to the Great Firewall and local data regulations like the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), China's digital ecosystem is very unique. This means global technological infrastructures, while able to strongly support most customers around the world, may not work in China.

Magento is the Leader Open-source e-commerce platform according to Gartner 2022

However, despite being a global e-Commerce platform, Magento (Adobe Commerce) can be adjusted properly for China. This includes getting localized functionally and visually for the China market and becoming PIPL-compliant.
Without the big global players like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify, Magento is your best e-Commerce tech solution in China.

Brands can benefit from Magento (Open-Source or Adobe Commerce) in many aspects, especially the following 6:

1. Customizability

Both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce offer a brilliant level of customization for each brand's unique business setup and e-Commerce sales flow

2. Headless Connection

Interconnect all data from your private and public traffic and offline retail with your back-end systems (including OMS, POS, ERP, WMS, CDP, DMP, CRM)

3. Performance

You will host the e-Commerce Magento store on your own infrastructure in Mainland China, significantly boosting the speed and overall performance

4. Scalability

Magento can adapt to your growing needs as the eCommerce business expands and evolves, evident by many Fortune 500 companies leveraging Magento

5. Multi-Store-Front Setup

Magento enables brands to host multiple stores and websites on the same backend to serve different audiences and sell different products

6. Security

Magento releases monthly security updates and provides all the standard elements to ensure maximal security and privacy for brands' e-Commerce stores

Magento is the best choice for building and enhancing your e-commerce empire in China

Why ITC as Your eCommerce Agency in China?

ITC is a Business Solution Partner of Magento (Adobe Commerce)

IT Consultis (ITC) is a Magento partner, leveraging the power of Magento eCommerce to deliver the best digital enablers and results for our clients.

  • 6+ Years of Experience with Magento (Adobe Commerce)
  • 50+ Magento modules created
  • 100+ Magento projects, including those handling 50,000+ Orders per Day and Millions of RMB in Revenue

As a trusted Magento Agency in China (and Adobe Commerce agency), ITC helps many brands from different industries, sectors, and business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2B2B).

ITC has worked on Magento development projects with many brands, including LVMH, Hublot, Moynat, Fred, Guerlain, Brandy Melville, Pernod Ricard, and Roland Garros

We provide end-to-end Adobe Commerce and Magento development services, from hosting to front-end, ensuring a seamless collaboration process

ITC Can Help You Develop Key E-Commerce Digital Enablers in China

Other than the Offline Retail and Public Traffic (e.g. and Tmall), another macro funnel that you need to make the most of when operating in China is the Private Traffic, which includes:

Magento eCommerce WeChat Mini Program for Fred

eCommerce WeChat Mini Program

Magento Adobe Commerce e-Commerce website development for Pernod Ricard

eCommerce Website

Magento e-Commerce application development for Brandy Melville

eCommerce Application

As an award-winning eCommerce agency in China, IT Consultis can help you build and manage these 3 key digital enablers to stand out among the fierce competition in the eCommerce market in China.

We are also a certified Adobe Commerce agency in China to provide eCommerce development services to B2C, B2B, B2C2B, and B2B2B enterprise-level businesses.

Work with the Tech and Design Experts at ITC to build and enhance your Adobe Commerce or Magento e-Commerce platforms in China, ultimately improving the user experience and boosting revenue generation

What You Can Expect

Build the Right Infrastructure for China & Meet All Your Business Goals

By aligning expectations, visions, and Micro and Macro goals with all your key stakeholders, ITC can help you:

  • Choose the right technology for China's unique digital ecosystem right from the start
  • Clearly define goals, KPIs, and Roadmap to achieve by building a capable Magento e-Commerce platform in China

Develop a Tailored Magento-Powered Digital Enabler

Every company is unique in its e-Commerce business setup, management, and back-end systems with other distinct differences in their e-Commerce sales flow, payment method and process, and more.

There is no one-size fits all Magento development formula for all businesses

1. Functionality

The in-house Magento developers and graphic designers at ITC can tailor Magento (Adobe Commerce) to the needs of our clients by flexibly:

  • Leveraging existing out-of-the-box features
  • Creating new dedicated modules

2. UX/UI Design

Based on your brand guideline and the envisioned e-Commerce process, ITC can work on the UX/UI design to ensure it matches your brand image and expectations while optimizing the User Experience by mapping the User Journey and User Stories.

Integrate All Intelligent Systems

ITC can connect your single back-end Magento with all your systems, including POS, WMS, OMS, ERP, E-Commerce platform, CDP, CRM, Loyalty, and Coupon, via sets of APIs

ITC will also review, set up, and implement integration for your e-Commerce website, Mini Program, or App with your OMS, POS, ERP, WMS, CDP, DMP, CRM systems, and more to:

  • Connect all different channels together, creating a horizontally synthesized framework
  • Consolidate the user journey into a single and seamless digital experience
  • Drive perfect data capture and circulation from every touchpoint
  • Allow for digital asset maximization
  • Ensure PIPL compliance in China

Total Ownership and Control Over the e-Commerce Platform

1. 100% Data and Source Code Ownership and Platform Management

Unlike certain Chinese tech vendors pushing local Closed-Source technologies that only they can develop, own, and manage, as a trusted eCommerce agency in China, ITC ensures that our clients will have total control and ownership

2. Comprehensive Training for a Successful Handover

With 80% of our in-house developers based in China, work with our Chinese tech experts to understand and learn how to leverage your new eCommerce platform in China - be it an eCommerce website, WeChat Mini Program, or App

Leverage an E-Commerce Store with Peak Performance

1. Adobe Commerce and Magento Hosting

ITC can help you host the e-Commerce platform in Mainland China to ensure compliance with China's data regulations (PIPL), while significantly improving the user experience thanks to the incredible loading speed

2. Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Improve the website visuals and user accessibility & experience with Responsive Web Design that can automatically scale to fit any screen size, ultimately increasing mobile traffic and boosting the conversion rate

3. Future-Proof

Our Magento (Adobe Commerce) projects in China can support tens of thousands of orders per day. ITC also leverages automated scaling with Aliyun, which is capable of processing any type of pressure you have on the system

4. System Security

In addition to Magento's standard security elements and practices, for domestic projects in China, ITC partners with Aliyun, which can automatically encrypt the whole hard drive where the databases are hosted

Localize and Globalize

Other than the visual and experiential design localization for the Adobe Commerce or Magento platforms, IT Consultis also considers Payment Methods Integration, PIPL Compliance, Auditing, and Translation.

In addition, for your brand's globalization efforts, we will also consider the Magento website's future expansion and help you host multiple storefronts on the same backend to easily manage global versions of the e-Commerce store.

Contact Us to start building your e-Commerce engines in China leveraging Magento (Open-Source or Adobe Commerce) to boost revenue generation and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers

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