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Why Drupal is the Best CMS in China

Does Drupal Work in China?

Many global technologies suffer from infrastructural challenges or code-based conflicts when operating in China. Some are also unable to comply with local regulations such as the PIPL that addresses personal data protection and processing.

However, Drupal can work properly in China, with the help of Drupal experts to localize the functionalities and visuals while ensuring that your platform is 100% PIPL-compliant.

Why Use Drupal in China?

1. High Scalability

Drupal has an excellent structure, especially when built upon the Symfony framework, enabling Drupal sites to easily scale up vertically

2. Easy Content Authoring

Users can enjoy the intuitive interface and tools for ease of navigation, content creation, workflow, and publication to efficiently manage editorial workflows

3. Good Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Users can easily create, assign, and manage many roles in the Back Office with different responsibilities and accessibilities

4. SEO Support

Users can also leverage Drupal's powerful search engine optimization tools (e.g. Metatag) once the basic structure is set up

5. Multilingual

Drupal has built-in multi-language functionalities allowing users to add many languages, including core content translation Drupal modules

2. Security

Drupal is a proven, most secure CMS and application framework that can stand up to the most critical internet vulnerabilities

Drupal is the Top 1 Open-Source platform for content management for businesses in China

Why ITC as Your Drupal Agency in China?

ITC has worked on Drupal projects supporting 100,000+ Nodes, 20,000+ Users, 10,000+ Users per Day, and Millions of Visitors

Drupal has been a favored technology among IT Consultis (ITC) development team. It has been our CMS of choice for many of our clients.

  • 8+ Years of Experience with Drupal
  • 50+ Drupal modules created
  • 200+ Drupal projects

With a dedicated in-house developers team in China, many of whom are Drupal experts, ITC is the Drupal-certified agency in China, fulfilling the content management demand of many brands from different industries, sectors, and business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2B2B).

ITC has provided on Drupal web development services for Leica, Banyan Tree, Angsana, AmCham Shanghai, Swatch, Carl F. Bucherer, Platinum, Broadway Macau, Rexel, and many more.

We can provide one-stop Drupal development services for companies in China and globally - from hosting to backend and frontend building, from the initial auditing to launching and maintenance. Your Drupal CMS project with ITC can flow smoothly with regular and consistent communication and collaboration, effectively removing blockers to efficiently deliver the best-quality output.

ITC Can Help You Develop Digital Enablers to Reach the China and Global Audiences

Drupal WeChat Mini Program development

Drupal WeChat Mini Program

IT Consultis helped Banyan Tree develop a Drupal website

Drupal as the CMS for a content-driven website

Banyan Tree's Drupal website on mobile

Drupal website on mobile

IT Consultis can help you build any type of front-end with Drupal CMS as the back-end infrastructure, including Drupal website, WeChat Mini Program, and application, for ease of content publication and management.

Work with experienced Drupal experts at ITC to develop your Drupal digital enablers in China, ultimately delivering a seamless content-driven experience and boosting the user engagement

What You Can Expect from ITC as Your Drupal Agency in China

Right Infrastructure for China & Goals Alignment

Before kickstarting the Drupal development project, ITC will align with your key stakeholders on their visions and Micro/Macro goals to ensure that:

  • Your digital enablers are built with the technology that is compatible with China's digital ecosystem
  • Drupal CMS can meet your unique business needs
  • Our deliveries can help you achieve clearly defined KPIs and follow your strategic roadmap in China
ITC can help you choose the right technological infrastructure for China right from the start

Tailor-Made Digital Enabler Development With Drupal as the CMS

1. Functionality

Our in-house Drupal developers will help you build a customized Drupal Back Office by:

  • Utilizing existing built-in features in the Drupal Core files
  • Creating new dedicated Drupal modules

2. UX/UI Design

ITC will also ensure that all the blocks in the Back Office are well-positioned and structured with their own designs. We are supporting a variety of components, which users can easily pick from, drag and drop, navigate around, and leverage to create and manage content.

System Integration Implementation

Aside from developing the Drupal CMS-driven website, ITC can also help you integrate it with all your intelligent systems, including your CRM, PIM, SAP, CDP, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Mini Programs, ERP, Customer Service, and more

In addition to the Drupal web development services (or WeChat Mini Program, application, etc.), the tech experts at ITC will also review, identify, and analyze all of your functional systems that are in operation or missing to gain a holistic view of your entire infrastructure inside and outside of China.

With this valuable information, ITC can help you plan, design the data flow, and conduct necessary system integration for your CMS-driven website with your CRM, PIM, SAP, CDP, and other channels and intelligent systems.

Drupal CMS also allows easier system integration thanks to good API sets that support better connection with the front-ends (such as React for Drupal website development).

100% Ownership and Control over the Drupal Platform

As an experienced Drupal China agency, ITC ensures that our clients will have total data and source code ownership. We also hold training sessions and prepare educational materials to help you become fully capable of managing the digitally transformed Drupal CMS-driven website, Mini Program, or application on your own.

Efficient Content & Data Management

Drupal developers, project managers, and other tech experts can help you build a Drupal website in China with:

1. Drupal Hosting

ITC can assist you with hosting the Drupal website in China to enable a blazing-fast loading speed while complying with the PIPL

2. Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Our designers and Drupal developers will implement the Responsive Web Design to optimize the site's visuals and accessibility, boosting the user experience

3. Customizable Structure

We can customize a solid and clear CMS structure for varying needs - different frontends, purposes, etc. - for ease of navigation and content management

4. Future-Proof

Have a strong setup and configuration to meet scalable demands as the amount of traffic, user data, and content... grow over time

5. Multi Languages Support

ITC can help you add as many languages as you need, all of which can be managed on the same backend, including a convenient content-filtering system

6. System Security

On top of Drupal's security standards, ITC hardly relies on plugins while partnering with Aliyun for projects in China, providing extra security assurance

We can also be your Drupal Acquia agency in China to leverage Acquia with Drupal based on your needs.

By leveraging Acquia, a leader in CMS and Digital Experiences, together with the Content Management Framework (CMF) Drupal, you can enjoy added technical support for your Drupal website, including:

  • Intuitive, low-code tools for ease of customization
  • Ease of migration from other CMS platforms
  • Ease of scaling for traffic increases and site's growth
  • Built-in security
  • 24/7 monitoring and simplified management
  • Maintenance support and analytics for insights generation
  • Faster loading time
  • Quicker time to market
  • Training for Drupal
Acquia was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms in 2022

ITC can help you to set up the system, implement necessary integrations, and start building your content-driven platform as your trusted Drupal Acquia agency.

Localization & Globalization

IT Consultis will help you effectively target the Chinese audience with Localized Visual and Functional Design, PIPL Compliance, Auditing, and Translation.

For your global market, we can also assist you with developing and managing global versions on top of the same Drupal backend.

Other Relevant Services ITC Offers

Explore other relevant services in this pillar:

  • System Integration

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