Digital Strategy Audit in China - Crafting Your China Roadmap
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ITC understands that pursuing digital transformation in China can be very challenging

Many of our clients (VP, CDO, CMO, CTO, etc... in Fortune 500s) run into the following issues:

  • Lack of understanding of where to start with Digital Transformation
  • Lack of knowledge on effective Differentiation approaches in markets as competitive as China
  • Uncertainties about their ability to move forward with Digitalization Strategies in China due to limited human, infrastructure, and financial resources
  • Start-stop initiatives internally on Digital Transformation
  • Struggle to convince their Headquarter (HQ) and key stakeholders to implement necessary strategic changes for the China market

Moreover, due to the unique digital ecosystem in China, choosing the right technology solution can be a complex process.

Many local Chinese vendors may approach you and try to lock you into terrible Closed-Source systems that would leave you with:

  • Absolutely zero ownership of the customers' data and the source code
  • Very little idea of whether the technology can handle long-term strategic expansions
  • Difficulty in switching strategies halfway or to a third-party vendor

They discredit all global solutions and push theirs as the impossible choice, which can be a very costly and time-consuming mistake for brands in the long run.

ITC can guide you to tackle the challenges impeding your digitalization mission in China

Why Optimize Your Digital Strategy in China with ITC?

IT Consultis (ITC) is a leading Digital Transformation Consultancy in the China and Asia markets. We will help you identify and approach your core problems and develop a more effective China Digital Strategy to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Years of Experience in the China & Asia Markets

Dedicated Team Members Based in China

Satisfied Clients in Many Industries & Sectors

ITC can help you transform your digital transformation initiatives into a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year roadmap

Digital transformation in China and globally has moved beyond just centering around products. It has become an essential move for businesses to significantly enhance the customer experience by personalizing engagement while incorporating omnichannelity.

However, the requirements and needs vary from one company to another, depending on their current infrastructure, systems, data quality, and so on.

Thus, companies need a tailored comprehensive digital strategy audit to learn valuable insights and receive strategic recommendations specifically catered to their needs in the China and Asia markets.

Our digital transformation consultancy can help you effectively drive your digital transformation journey
  • An A-Z Digital Strategy Audit
  • A straightforward Digital Transformation Roadmap solution
  • A clear Breakdown of Your Expected CapEx and OpEx
  • The right Open-Source Technologies
  • Recommendations for Resources Allocation
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Strategy Reports with an action plan for Progress Monitoring & Optimization
Maximize both your top line and bottom line by maximizing revenue and profits while minimizing costs with smoother brand and customers interactions
Remove the frictions between the brand and customers to maximize both top and bottom lines

How We Do It

ITC's customizable approach to your digital transformation journey in China

There is no one-size-fits-all Digital Transformation solution as each business is unique with varying needs.
Rest assured that all of our deliveries are custom-built for each client, from auditing to execution.

Digital Channels & Functional Systems Audit

ITC will first conduct a Digital Transformation Audit involving your current digital strategy in China along with your existing digital identities, including:

  • WeChat Channel Audit: Official Accounts, Mini Programs, WeCom, WeChat Channels
  • Additional Private Traffic Audit: Official Websites experience, APP, and more

The China Digital Strategy Audit allows us to obtain holistic insights into your digital presence and user journey to prepare for strategy consulting.

In addition, we will also identify and analyze all of your functional systems and answer the key questions:

  1. Which systems are in operation (e.g. POS, OMS, ERP, WMS, CRM, etc.)?
  2. What are their roles?
  3. What systems are missing or can be enhanced and what is the scale of their future development?

This way, our Strategy Consultants can gain a holistic view of your entire infrastructure along with its projected outlook in China and globally. Based on this information, we can plan and build scalable digital enablers and conduct comprehensive system integration as part of your digital transformation solution in China.

Competitor Analyses & Industry Benchmarking

ITC will also review your competitors’ digital strategies and performances, collect useful insights, and leverage them as benchmarks for developing a tailored digital transformation strategy in China for you with differentiation tactics to stand out from the competition.

Roadmap & Investment Proposal

You will receive a comprehensive report of our analysis of your current business workflows as well as detailed recommendations for your future digital strategy roadmap to achieve your ambitious objectives, including the projected Capital and Operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx) for the next 1, 3, or 5 years.

Internal Training & Education

ITC also organizes workshops for the Global Headquarters (HQ) and key members to provide a better understanding of digital changes that will take place, especially for China & Asia markets, get internal buy-in, and ensure the internal teams are fully functional after our collaboration.

Ongoing Optimization

With the ever-changing digital landscapes and strategy relevance, especially in the fast-moving China digital economy, frequent monitoring and adjustments are necessary to maximize the success rate of the project and maximize ROI for our clients.

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