WeCom Clienteling Strategy Consulting & Execution Service for China
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IT Consultis (ITC) is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their digital transformation in China, including streamlining effective clienteling and communication initiatives via WeCom

WeCom can help companies streamline clienteling with customers and internal and external communication and collaboration
WeCom has helped many businesses achieve 80%+ reply rate, 80%+ client identification, and generate 20K+ sales-qualified leads

Why ITC as Your WeCom Agency in China

ITC and Tencent WeCom are Established Partners

We will have trained 2,000 End Users by this September

Delivered change management workshops to C-Levels and allocated substantial resources to onboard and train the Management and Staff Levels, including Marketing Managers, CRM Managers, Retail Managers, Store Managers, Sales Associates, Client Advisors, and Customer Service Reps to ensure they possess the essential skills and knowledge for success in their roles.

ITC has worked with many Fortune 500 brands

Work with ITC to Connect & Amplify All Digital Touchpoints in China leveraging WeCom

100% Data Capture & Ownership

PIPL Compliance

Continuous Customer Profiles Enrichment

Business Systems Integration

Efficient Collaboration & Communication

Customer Transactions Systematization

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