Reimagining Your Digital Future Together

IT Consultis is a Digital Transformation Consultancy in China, empowering the most ambitious Fortune 500 companies and C-Levels on their journeys to succeed in China and APAC markets by leveraging MarTech, e-Commerce, and Omnichannel solutions.

Our team of 60+ highly motivated talents from 14 different nationalities based in 3 countries across Asia, from Shanghai, China, to Saigon, Vietnam, and Singapore is all aligned under one mission.

To Maximize Our Partners’ ROI on their Digital Transformation Journey

The 4 Pillars to Realize Our Vision for Your Success

ITC offers a wide range of strategy consulting and technology development services for various industries worldwide. Ultimately, we help our clients develop the best strategies and playbook set-up along with the right digital enablers to achieve their objectives in China, Asia, and other markets.

Find your next success path with our combined strategic and technology expertise.

Digital Transformation Audit, Omnichannel, Loyalty, & Go-To-Market Strategy

Marketing Automation, CRM, Social CRM, & WeCom Clienteling

Tailor-Made Digital and Commerce Experiences & System Integration

PMO, Digital Team Set-Ups, & Key Players Recruitment and Placement

ITC was ranked as


  • Recognized Agencies with Unrivalled Solutions and Dedication to Clients
  • Recognized Agencies at the Highest-Ranking Firms across industries for SCRM, System Integrator, and Software Development
  • Rewarded after Crucial Judgement from 150,000 Top Agencies with 36,000+ Client Reviews and 100+ Survey Reports

ITC was shortlisted as Top 5


  • Recognized Agencies with the Best Customer Engagement Solutions through Innovation, Strategy, and Technology
  • Recognized Agencies that Help Businesses Grow and Thrive with Effective Engagement Solutions & Tangible Results
  • Rewarded after Crucial Judgement from 32 Top Industry Leaders and in Fierce Competition with 100+ Prestige Agencies across Greater China

Our Core Values

Our core values define ITC, tie us together, and shape our every action. They drive our business growth to help our clients succeed


We Figure It Out

Problem-solvers at heart, we firmly believe that we can do everything we set our minds to. Challenges are here for us to tackle - Obstacle is the Way. New knowledge and skills are keys to helping service our clients to beat their competitors. Our commitment is to find solutions to any problem we encounter. We never give up until we find the best way forward. “We figure it out” is more than a value we hold, it is a way of life for us.


We Own It

Accountability, taking ownership, and responsibility for our actions and decisions are in our DNA. Taking responsibility rather than blaming others or making excuses and also taking responsibility towards our clients to deliver the best solution out there for them to have the best ROI. We win over our partners' trust and influence our industry. We create a culture of trust, integrity, and collaboration, where we all contribute to the success of our organization and of our clients.


We, the TEAM

We are set for collective success. We believe in the power of teamwork and support, and we are always willing to lend a hand to help our colleagues and make an unstoppable team. We are a resilient group, always striving for results and motivated by a shared passion and excitement for what we do.



Yoan Rigart Lenisa

Co-Founder, CEO

“A natural leader with a strategic vision for the long-term development of the companies. Coordinating all finance, HR, and legal-related operations. Ensuring the companies always go in the right direction and each employee is well taken care of, both at a professional and personal level.”