Guide to WeCom Customer Acquisition from WeChat Advertising 
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In this article, we'll explore 5 powerful strategies from Tencent Advertising to boost your WeChat ad performance and streamline seamless WeCom China customer acquisition. 

What is WeCom China Clienteling? Why is it Important for Businesses Operating in China? 

WeCom, formerly known as WeChat Work, is a comprehensive enterprise communication and office collaboration tool developed by Tencent. 

Thanks to its seamless interoperability with the WeChat ecosystem, WeCom is most well-known as a dedicated clienteling platform in China

It allows businesses to streamline customer engagement and remote transactions, and manage internal communications and coordination, especially for luxury houses, automotive brands, B2B, and B2B2C/B2B2B business models.

WeCom's interoperability with the WeChat ecosystem, which hosts over 1.3 billion monthly active users, offers unique advantages for brands:  

  • Brands can capture and own 100% of customer and interaction data. This level of ownership would not be possible if Sales Associates continued to use their personal WeChat for clienteling. 
  • Sales Associates can reach and maintain ongoing engagement with leads and customers on different WeChat channels that they navigate often throughout the day, including WeChat 1-on-1 Chat, Group Chat, and Moments

The interoperability also better connects WeChat advertising spaces with WeCom clienteling, driving a cohesive customer journey from initial exposure to conversion. These approaches help effectively capture user attention and facilitate a seamless flow from public to private traffic within the WeChat ecosystem.

WeChat and WeCom are interoperable with commonality in Chats, Moments, WeChat Channels, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Pay, and WeChat Search

From Public to Private: 5 Key WeChat Advertising Entry Points to WeCom for Customer Acquisition

Tencent Advertising recently released the ultimate guide to customer acquisition using 5 key advertising entry points to WeCom clienteling to help brands accelerate their WeChat ads' ROI in terms of both revenue and customer growth. 

Entry Point 1: From Direct WeChat Ad Placement to WeCom/WeChat

Tencent now enables one-click entry from ads to the WeCom contact card of a Sales Associate in Customer Service agent, driving fast and large traffic acquisition. 

This is applicable to various WeChat ad scenarios, improving conversion efficiency from WeChat Moments, Channels (video), Official Accounts, and Mini Programs

As almost every user checks their WeChat Moments multiple times a day, this direct ad-to-WeCom approach can facilitate fast and low-cost lead acquisition for future targeted engagement via WeCom.  

In addition, WeChat Channels (video account) is also becoming a powerful touchpoint within the ecosystem. Discover how Channels seamlessly connect with WeCom clienteling and WeChat Customer Service via strategic call-to-actions (CTAs) and simplify the conversion journey. 

Entry point one: from Direct Ad Placement on WeChat to WeCom China

Entry Point 2: From Native Promotion Page to WeCom/WeChat

WeChat ads, such as WeChat Moment ads, are usually concise, communicating just enough information in the right format to capture user attention. These ads leverage engaging visuals and compelling copy to create an immediate impact within users' feeds, prompting them to take action or explore further. Brands can also leverage the native promotion page to showcase ad content in more detail

By positioning strategic call-to-actions here, brands can direct users to add a Sales Associate's WeCom profile for further consultation

This approach is effective for driving traffic down the customer acquisition funnel, filtering users with a high intent to convert and facilitating ongoing communication. 

To sum up, it allows brands to present detailed information and directly connect interested users with sales representatives for more personalized consultation

Entry point two: from Native Promotion Page of WeChat ad to WeCom

Entry Point 3: From WeChat Official Account to WeCom

With 360 million users checking Official Accounts every day, brands can embed trackable WeCom QR codes into WeChat Official Account messages to drive their followers to WeCom clienteling. 

Extending the entire journey from brand/product discovery via ads, to users following the brand’s WeChat Official Account, to adding a Sales Associate’s WeCom contact, this approach empowers multiple touchpoints with leads throughout the initial awareness and interactions stages. 

It is especially ideal for brands with various marketing needs, allowing them to engage users at different stages of their journey and encourage deeper interaction through WeCom.

Entry point three: from ad to WeChat Official Account to WeCom

Entry Point 4: From Form (Powered by Marketing Automation & Social CRM) to Tencent WeCom

By leveraging Marketing Automation / Social CRM for WeChat, brands can design and deploy forms in WeChat ads to effectively drive lead generation and direct data capture

Choosing to fill out the form and leaving their information means these users have expressed a clear interest in the advertised product or service to a certain extent. Therefore, including a CTA to Tencent WeCom at the end of the form can prompt these leads to seek immediate consultation with a Sales Associate

According to Tencent Advertising, one company reported a 40% improvement in ROI after employing this tactic. It combines lead generation with immediate follow-up, enhancing the chances of conversion by providing a direct line to the customer service or sales teams. 

Entry point four: from Form in WeChat ad to WeCom

Entry Point 5: From WeChat Customer Service to WeCom China

Many businesses in China utilize WeChat customer service to address users’ concerns, with entry points from ads, Mini Programs, Official Accounts, etc. However, one-off interactions without following up do not allow for building long-term relationships. 

By screening for high-potential customers and consolidating consultation scenarios from one-off Customer Service sessions to frequent Clienteling, brands can improve their conversion rate. 

This method empowers businesses to identify valuable leads and provide them with consistent, high-quality engagement through WeCom. It shifts customer interactions from occasional support to ongoing relationship management, increasing the likelihood of conversion and long-term loyalty.

Entry point five: from ad to WeChat Customer Service to WeCom

From Private to CRM: How WeCom China Data Flows to Salesforce China for Future Targeting

WeCom enables brands to maintain closed communication loops with consumers, promoting, nurturing, and converting leads. However, to manage these interactions effectively, integrating WeCom with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like Salesforce China is crucial. 

WeCom China is one of the key private traffic channels that allow brands to collect 100% of customer data, including from: 

  • Online engagement between the Sales Associates' WeCom account and the customers' WeChat 
  • Manual tagging input by Sales Associates based on their in-store observations and interactions 

While private traffic management is an excellent first step to CRM in China, brands need to establish a comprehensive CRM system that consolidates data flows from all online and offline brand touchpoints in China to empower better data-driven personalized engagement. 

It's essential to understand the unique nuances of CRM implementation in China and the imperative for brands to strengthen their CRM efforts to stay competitive. 

This is why Salesforce China has arrived to fill this gap. Integrating WeCom China with Salesforce CRM ensures that WeCom customer data are archived in the centralized CRM, cases are automatically updated, and operations are synchronized in real-time, enhancing clienteling efficiency and effectiveness. 

Thanks to Salesforce China's out-of-the-box open APIs, brands can easily integrate WeCom and other existing local business systems with Salesforce CRM

Another approach is onboarding Connected Experiences Gateway (CXG) along with the Salesforce China Core CRM products. Explore how brands can use CXG’s Social Integration to connect Salesforce China with the WeChat ecosystem

China data residency approach with Salesforce China enables brands to store and process data captured from China within the China CRM and transfer their anonymized version to the global CRM

To Wrap Up 

In summary, leveraging WeCom China for customer acquisition through WeChat advertising presents a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their marketing efficiency and customer engagement.  

By understanding and utilizing the key entry points from WeChat ads to private WeCom interactions, businesses can streamline their customer acquisition processes. Furthermore, integrating WeCom data with Salesforce China enables more sophisticated CRM capabilities, ensuring that brands can nurture and convert leads more effectively. 

Looking to Enhance Clienteling and CRM Strategy in China?