[WeCom x ITC] Achieving Digital Transformation with Best-in-Class WeCom Clienteling
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ITC recently partnered with Tencent WeCom to host an Expert Panel on May 31, 2023, where we explored the challenges and next steps in digital transformation in China, with a focus on the growing importance of Private Traffic and WeCom Clienteling (WeChat Work).

Below are the key takeaways from the presentation:

Our speakers from ITC and WeCom-Tencent in the AmCham conference room

In China, unlike the Western counterparts, channels like EDM, SMS, websites are not very effective.

Instead, nearly everyone in China is navigating WeChat private traffic ecosystem on a daily basis for social interactions, eCommerce, entertainment, payments, and many more functions.

Although public traffic domains like Tmall and JD.com still remain the retail giant in China, they are characterized by remarkably high customer acquisition costs and the lack of complete ownership over acquired user data.

Public traffic compared to Private traffic in China

Brands also faced several other challenges operating in China, including:

  • Difficulties in building strong relationships with high-value customers
  • Inconsistent connection across digital and offline channels

Thus, in addition to public traffic channels, private traffic also holds significant importance for businesses operating in China. They allow brands to have 100% ownership and control over customer interactions and captured data.

Along with the market’s stronger emphasis on the omnichannel presence (O2O), data ownership, customer centricity, and social commerce, brands are increasingly leveraging private traffic domains as a means to capitalize on these opportunities.

Private traffic as a means to capitalize on opportunities for brands in China

This includes WeCom (WeChat Work), which can be utilized throughout the customer life cycle, enabling brands to establish deeper connections and optimize for long-term success in China.

1. Introduction to WeCom

The WeChat ecosystem with versatile features and WeCom - a professional clienteling solution

WeCom (WeChat Work) is a professional clienteling solution that addresses WeChat's CRM limitations. It offers versatile features and integrates with the WeChat ecosystem, allowing brands to establish official channels and cultivate strong relationships with high-value customers.

Understanding the differences between "Personal" WeChat and "Professional" WeCom

New to WeCom? Navigate to WeCom ultimate guide for all you need to know to get started.

2. Business Benefits of WeCom

Leveraging WeCom can offer multiple short-term benefits, including:

  • Optimizing bespoke experiences across online and offline channels
  • Driving data collection & 100% ownership
  • Integration with CRM for holistic buyer personas
  • Streamlining collaboration and enhancing efficiency
  • Systematizing transactions with customers
  • Bringing quick wins! (High ROI in a short time)

In the long term, WeCom can help maximize revenue, enhance customer lifetime value, and build brand loyalty.

For more information on the values WeCom can bring, check out our summary of the 7 key benefits of WeCom!

3. Key Features of WeCom

Introduction to the Key Functions of WeCom

We also delved into different key features of WeCom (WeChat Work) to uncover how they can propel your business forward.

4. What to Do to be Successful & Ahead of the Competition in 2023?

Brands should:

  • Adopt an MVP approach on WeCom and leverage it as a digital amplifier
  • Localize technologies for China’s digital ecosystem and implement seamless WeCom integration with other systems
  • Drive holistic customer profiling to improve targeting, while maintaining PIPL compliance
Aurélien Rigart, co-founder of ITC, hosted the event exploring how to boost revenue with WeCom clienteling

Stay tuned for our future Expert Panels and be at the forefront of industry insights!

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