The 4 Pillars of a World-class Digital transformation to lead you ahead of your competition

Social CRM, Marketing Automation, WeCom & Clienteling

Achieve high client engagement & maximize direct data capture by leveraging Enterprise-level social CRM, sales team’ training to maximize revenues, client satisfaction & engagement.

Tailor-Made Enablers for Engaging Digital Experiences

Design and Engineer the most adapted enablers such as Mini Programs, H5, websites, APPs & other experiences that connect to all the systems to have the perfect asset to drive the final conversion at the bottom of your conversion funnels.
Our experiences are build on the top technologies such as Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel and using the latest technologies.

Go-to-Market & Omnichannel Loyalty Strategies

Activate an innovative loyalty program to enable recurring purchases that are fully-integrated in your assets, Social CRM & any digital ecosystems

Business Intelligence and System Integration

Integrate all the digital systems and make them intelligently communicate together (OMS, CMS, PIM, ERP, WMS), ensuring a seamless Omnichannel experience for your clients and you as the operators with perfect data circulation and display.
ITC Data Scientists and data architects will help you making your infrastructures more PIPL compliant and ensure that you are China ready.


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