How YiZhiJi by Totemist WeChat Mini Program Disrupted the Cosmetic Industry

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YiZhiJi by Totemist

A Chinese-French Cosmetic & Lifestyle brand with international ambitions aimed to disrupt the beauty industry in China with its intricately designed, interconnected, and ultra-personalized WeChat Mini Program by providing their audience with an one-and-only user experience.

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IT Consultis Project YiZhiJi by Totemist mockup 1
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In this WeChat Mini Program case study, we'll discover how we enabled YiZhiJi by Totemist to disrupt the cosmetic industry in China.

About The Client: YiZhiJi by Totemist

YiZhiJi by Totemist is a startup beauty company founded in early 2021 by Laurent Taisne, a former C-level executive at L'Oréal. The company, aiming to revolutionize the traditional cosmetic industry, focuses on building a strong reputation in China among beauty lovers.

Recognized for its partnership with VeChain to integrate blockchain technology, YiZhiJi effectively created the first WEB3 physical-digital object, a lipstick product, to be specific, that allows users to install meaningful messages linked to Near Field Communication (NFC) smart tags.

Additionally, the brand incorporated the NFC technology into its E-Commerce WeChat Mini Program, with support from IT Consultis (ITC), to deliver a unique eCommerce experience for the Chinese market.


To penetrate the industry, YiZhiJi was set to launch its Mini Program with the following goals:

  • Empowering users to customize their lipsticks for a perfect fit through configurable product options
  • Introducing and promoting refillable, rechargeable lipstick options
  • Simplifying product selection from a vast range of 300 different lipstick shades
  • Encouraging social sharing
一之己 Yizhiji lipsticks in a box

Solutions for Yizhiji

First, let's delve into how the NFC smart tag functions.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology facilitating data exchange between devices within a 2-centimeter range. Essentially, it enables the brand's lipsticks to connect with users' phones. Therefore, each lipstick case is accompanied by a unique, rechargeable case.

The Mini Program is integrated with WOSH Near Field Communication (NFC) technology

The NFC technology embedded within Yizhiji cases allows Yizhiji lipsticks to be engraved with personalized texts, pictures, videos, and even vocal recordings, adding an extra meaningful touch to the product, especially as a gift. To access the personalized messages, users (the recipients) simply scan the NFC on the case with their phone, which would trigger the message display.

By introducing this new category of tech-empowered objects, YiZhiJi by Totemist is meant to serve as a platform of services for the consumer community, both the gifters and the gifted.

Landing page of the encrypted message in the YiZhiJi lipstick via NFC technology

In line with YiZhiJi's core message, ITC helped develop an ultra-personalized Magento-powered E-Commerce WeChat Mini Program with efficient UX/UI design. Additionally, the Mini App also features customizable visualization that enables users to preview lipstick shades on various models with different skin tones.

For back-end platform efficiency, ITC implemented the Laravel framework, ensuring optimal customization. Additionally, the integration of Magento, a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, and other logistics systems has facilitated Yizhiji's seamless entry into the Chinese market.

The diagram below illustrates the complete user journey within the Mini Program.

Key pages on YiZhiJi by Totemist eCommerce Beauty WeChat Mini Program


YiZhiJi by Totemist has successfully launched a dynamic tool to penetrate the Chinese cosmetic market: the intricately designed, interconnected, and ultra-personalized WeChat Mini Program.

Powered by advanced technologies such as Laravel and Magento (Adobe Commerce), the platform also offers ample room for future scalability for YiZhiJi. Plans include the integration of a Social Media hub, empowering users to share their customized lipstick experiences. Additionally, a robust referral and loyalty program can also be developed to further solidify the brand's presence in the market.

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