YiZhiJi, Unleashing Beauty And Tech
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YizhiJi is modern, elegant, and sexy. The beauty and cosmetics brand launched by a French founder, Laurent Taisne, has the ambition to disrupt the beauty industry in China with its high-designed, connected, and ultra-personalized lipsticks. Aiming to provide their audience with a one-and-only user experience, they would like to bring quality, sustainability, and personalization to empower women's beauty.

The Mini Program Journey

Homepage Slider

When entering the Mini Program, the user is totally immersed in the YiZhiJi fancy universe. The Homepage is designed with a slider including five different slides. The two first one is videos showcasing lipstick with catchy and sexy music.

Product Catalogue

When clicking on the second tab, users have access to the different products available: cases and lipsticks.


On this tab, only the lipstick colors are classified with different shades of red, pink,s, and oranges. Clicking on a shade leads the visitor to the product page where she/he can discover the final look of the lipstick worn on lips.


4 different colors are available for the cases: gold, cream, white and red. By clicking on them, the user is redirected to a new page, specially built to highlight its original, modern and elegant design.

A Stunning Color Wheel

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. YiZhiJi lipsticks aim to express and empower this variety of beauties.

To better suit each type of beauty, YiZhiJi created a large palette of colors with more than 100 lipstick colors, all of which are available and triable online thanks to a color wheel.

Product Choice, Basket, and Payment 

Once both the case and the lipstick colors are selected, the user is redirected to a shopping cart where he/she can have an overview of the products chosen, including the gift box.

WeChat Integration

The YiZhiJi Mini Program is entirely connected to the WeChat ecosystem. Therefore, users can log in using their WeChat account, and pay with their WeChat wallet, and their online journeys are tracked both on the Mini Program and the YiZhiJi WeChat Official Account, thanks to marketing automation.

Audience Tag: Setting Up Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the automatic management of marketing processes. ITC developed smart and powerful marketing automation for YiZhiJi, using tags and chatbots.


Inside both the YiZhiJi Official Account and Mini Program, all users are tagged according to their behavior.

Therefore, customers’ online behaviors are tracked. They are tagged each time they select a lipstick, a case, or a certain type of engraving. YiZhiJi can even know who abandoned a cart, and the product that has been selected.

Official Account Chatbot

When following the YiZhiJi WeChat Official Account for the first time, a Chatbot is activated. The new follower is tagged and a link to the Mini Program is instantly sent to him/her.

An automated journey has also been set up by ITC on the YiZhiJi Official Account. Several journeys have been prepared to provide a personalized experience and better collect data.

The New Age of Beauty And the Internet of Things

The purpose of the NFC technology inside YiZhiJi cases is to send personal messages to the lipstick’s owner. The user simply scans the NFC on the case by using their phone. Once scanned, a message is displayed. The message can contain texts, pictures, videos, and even vocal recordings.

How Did the ITC Team Develop the YiZhiJi Mini Program?

The ITC team has built the YiZhiJi Mini Program by combining different types of technologies:

  • WeChat APIs
  • Magento
  • HTML5
  • Laravel
  • The Color Wheel Development

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