Pirelli Leveraging Mini Program to Build a Powerful B2B2C Platform

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A B2B2C Experience. Discover how Pirelli leverages WeChat Mini Program to deliver the right products to the right customers and create deeper relationship between Dealers and Pirelli seamlessly.

IT Consultis Project Pirelli Phone mockup 1
Pirelli phone
IT Consultis Project Pirelli Phone mockup 3
IT Consultis Project Pirelli Phone mockup 1
Pirelli phone
IT Consultis Project Pirelli Phone mockup 3

In this IT Consultis case study, you can learn about how we helped Pirelli build a powerful B2B2C platform to extend its reach in the China market.

About The Client: Pirelli

Pirelli is an Italian multi-national tire manufacturer. It has a long history dating back as far as 1872. But the brand had not made its first tires until 1894, which sparked a series of innovations worth exploring further.

Today, Pirelli's tires can be found in over 160 countries around the world! It is most well-known for its cutting-edge design with large rim sizes and advanced incorporation of technologies such as high-tech sensors.

The brand is also the exclusive partner and supplier for many prestigious sports competitions. The list includes the Formula 1™ and the Superbike World Championship!

Pirelli is a top-3 global tyre manufacturer

And, among the countries Pirelli is associated with commercially, it has formed a very special relationship with China. In fact, ChemChina, a Chinese state-owned company, even briefly took over Pirelli for 2 years (2015 - 2017).

Although the deal was called off, China is still one of the brand's biggest markets in the world. Reportedly, it accounted for around 1/5 of the brand's global revenue!

Thus, Pirelli is still setting new milestones to expand further within the Chinese market. In 2021, the Italian consumer tire brand reached out to us, IT Consultis - a specialist in digital solutions for businesses in China, to make one of its goals come true.


To begin with, Pirelli wanted to collect more data to build comprehensive consumer and retailer profiles. This way, it could devise strategic plans to constantly improve the customer experience and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) relationships.

Simultaneously, Pirelli also wanted to strengthen its affiliation with the dealers and onboard more to expand its reach in the Chinese market. And, this, ultimately, would allow the Italian giant to facilitate a better B2B2C experience.

So where does IT Consultis (ITC) stand in all of this?

To make this happen, ITC's main objective was to build a powerful B2B2C platform for Pirelli to:

  • Successfully connect its customers with the right dealer
  • Deliver the right product to the right audience.

Solutions for Pirelli

To effectively target Chinese consumers, ITC used Laravel as the backend framework to establish a local WeChat Mini Program.

IT Consultis developed a WeChat Mini Program with Laravel as the backend framework for Pirelli to enhance its B2B2C model

When accessing this Mini Program, the user, be it a distributor or customer, can select and view product information directly. They can also receive product recommendations based on their profile.

On the Pirelli WeChat Mini Program that ITC made, users can receive product recommendations and filter their searches for more accurate results
Product Recommendations and Search Filtering
Users can view Pirelli products' details and the technologies involved behind on the Pirelli Mini Program
Product Details and Technologies

We also added dynamic store locators to help customers easily find the nearest physical retailers for further research or making a purchase.

The store locators on the Pirelli Mini Program allow users to find the nearest retailers and contact the dealers for reservation
Nearest Retailers Locators and Dealers' Contact

Thanks to the straightforward design, ease of navigation, and accurate updated information, all parties can quickly and easily find whatever they need at Pirelli.


The Pirelli Mini Program also allows users to sign up for a Membership, add favorite products to their profiles, and share them with their contacts on WeChat

The new WeChat Mini Program ITC built has become another touchpoint for Pirelli to reach its target market.

And, unlike its profile on popular public platforms like Taobao, the Mini Program allows Pirelli to capture, boost, and nurture its private traffic where it owns 100% of the data from both distributors and customers.

Essentially, ITC's solutions have helped enrich the 3-way relationship between Pirelli x Distributors x Customers in the China market.