WeCom as the All-In-One Solution for Clienteling & Lead Management

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Discover how a French luxury fashion company achieves Retail Transformation and leverages WeCom to empower offline & online Private Traffic and strengthen their digital presence in China.

Moynat WeCom Phone mockup
Moynat WeCom Phone mockup

Objectives and Challenges

- Lack of customer’s centralized database 

- Customer feedback and information are collected through handwriting manually 

- Lack of data control & management due to employee retention leads to loss of customer insights and relationships 


- Setup Wecom in Mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong of over 15 stores with up to a hundred staff 

- Provided tailored WeCom Implementation sessions to the brand's retail team for effective data capturing

- Completed WeCom Account Set-Up from customized user journey, asset library, and management.

- Seamlessly WeCom integration to brand Official Account & Mini Program for effective accessibility 

- Fully deployed the brand's SOP of CRM and clienteling over WeCom


- Strengthen the brand’s data ownership 

- Flexibility and feasibility to create and maintain layers of touchpoints between brands and customers 

- Personalized WeCom journeys for maximizing revenues & customer satisfaction