Whitepaper_ Boost Sales, Business Operations with WeChat Work

Whitepaper: Boost Sales, Business Operations with WeChat Work

In this whitepaper, we provide an in-depth look at WeChat Work and its functionalities, show what type of assets you can build, and detail actionable tactics you can adopt to boost sales and consolidate all your business functionalities with one app, together with a step-by-step approach on how to implement it in your company.

E-commerce in China _ A Social and Mobile Future
14 minutes Reading time

What to Know about eCommerce in China & How to Approach it

China is one of the most outstanding emerging economies in the world. And one of the biggest contributions to its development comes from eCommerce transactions. However, China's unique limits on Internet usage - The Great Firewall - and cultural context have shaped its eCommerce ecosystem and online shopping habits rather differently from other countries. Get an overview of eCommerce in China, how it would likely evolve in the future, and a brief guide to succeeding in China e-Commerce market.

Social Shopping in China_ 6 elements to succeed on WeChat - Part 2
19 minutes Reading time

Social Commerce in China 2022 - 6 Elements to Succeed

One of the main factors that propel China's e-Commerce market to the forefront is the development of social commerce. Thus, to win the heart of Chinese consumers in such a competitive marketplace, you need to dive deep into how social media shape people's lives and their shopping habits.

6 Reasons to choose Magento for your e-commerce website
9 minutes Reading time

8 Reasons Why Magento Can Meet eCommerce Needs in China

At IT Consultis, Magento-based websites make up the bulk of our e-Commerce projects. Being WordPress and Drupal specialists, we could go for other options - WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce for example - but even though both are good, there is no doubt that Magento is a better choice lot of the time.

What brands need to know about how marketing automation and social CRM are different in China compared to the Western market
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7 mins Reading time

5 Reasons Why Marketing Automation in China is Different [Must-Know]

In this article, we will explore 5 main factors all brands should know that make marketing automation in China so different. You will also learn why exactly both B2B and B2C businesses should leverage it, especially for WeChat with Social CRM, to maximize your lead generation efficiency.