WeChat Work: A Comprehensive Guide to Get Started
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In our previous articles of the WeChat Work series, we have discussed a few things around WeChat Work, including:

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WeChat Work case studies and applications.

Based on this series, you now probably have a better idea of how you can make the most out of this powerful platform.

At this step, you may wonder: “How do I start using WeChat Work? Which steps do I need to follow to establish my account?”

As an ecosystem dedicated to business operations, WeChat Work requires every company to go through a verification process, which includes providing company and personal identity details to access all the features, establish security, and demonstrate validation. In this article, we will guide you through the complete onboarding process of WeChat Work, including administrator registration & verification, team management, and getting started with the app.

N/B: This guideline is written based on the latest version of WeChat Work launched in September 2019. The onboarding process may change in the future as more updates come out.


The Administrator (Admin) is the person who applies and represents the company on WeChat Work. They have greater access and the ability to control the features with full management abilities.

Before you start

Make sure you have all these assets ready for the WeChat Work verification process, which normally takes 3 working days:

For companies

If you have a WeChat Official Account, you can use it to verify your WeChat Work without paying an extra fee.

Otherwise, these documents are required:

Letter of verification (template provided by WeChat Work)

Scan of Chinese business registration

Audit fee of RMB 300

Bank account number

Trademark verification, tax verification, etc. (optional)

For individuals

If you are a Mainland Chinese citizen, prepare your ID No. for face authentication.

For Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and overseas users, prepare the image of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license, together with a mobile phone statement or credit card statement.

Step 1. Register the WeChat Work account

To register for a WeChat Work account, go to

On the WeChat Work website, click on “Sign Up” to be redirected to the form.

Fill in the “Company Information”, including:

Company Name

Industry Type

Staff Size

Admin Name

Admin Mobile Phone Number

Click on “Get Verification Code” to receive the code to your Mobile Phone Number, then fill in the code to get your phone number verified.

Scan the QR code provided at the end to link your WeChat account with your WeChat Work account.

Step 2. Log in to the WeChat Work account

After registration, click the “Login” button on the top right of your screen, then scan the QR code provided with your WeChat app (or WeChat Work app if you have it already installed), and confirm the login on your mobile phone.

After successfully logging in, as an Admin, you will have access to the Admin Console with full features and management abilities.

Homepage: displays your company information and the remaining steps you need to follow to complete your onboarding process. Includes a “news feed” showing your recent activities on the platform, and shortcuts to some important features.

Contacts: allows you to add, edit or remove departments and members.

App Management: this allows you to manage all the Apps and Mini Programs in your WeChat Work account. For example, enable, disable or adjust settings for Basic Apps, add new third-party apps or self-built apps, and associate new Mini Programs.

Customer Contacts: this allows you to manage external contacts obtained from WeChat. For example, contacts of your clients, partners, or vendors.

Management Tool: additional management tools available to an Admin.

My Company: a central hub for all the management abilities of members, chats, external contacts, security, etc.

Step 3. Get your company verified

Getting your company verified is the most important step in your WeChat Work onboarding process because a verified company not only enables you to increase the member limit but also gives you access to all the functionalities, including the ability to add external contacts to your WeChat Work (clients, partners, vendors, etc.).

To start the verification process, head to the “My Company” tab and choose the “Company Information” section.

In the “Company Information”, you can see a red question mark next to your Company Name, stating the “not verified” status. From here, click on the button “Verify Registrant Information”.

There are two ways of getting your company verified: (1) Verify through your WeChat Official Account and (2) By submitting documents.

If you already have a WeChat Official Account, you can use it to verify your WeChat Work account and have access to the full features (including having a company name with a unique abbreviation and corporate payment) without paying any extra fee. When using this method, the short name of your WeChat Work account will be consistent with the WeChat Official Account.

Otherwise, you can have your company verified by submitting documents. There are three alternatives:

Company Identity Verification in WeChat Work: You need to submit a letter of verification in Chinese (which can be downloaded from the admin console), business bank account, scan of your business license, trademark certification (optional), and tax certification (optional). An audit fee of RMB 300 is required for this method, and your documents will be verified by a third-party auditing company. After being verified, your WeChat Work account can have access to the full features (including having a company name with a unique abbreviation and corporate payment). The verification process normally takes 3 working days.

Legal Representative Verification: You can submit the information of your legal representative which is stated on your business license. By choosing this method, you don’t need to pay a fee, but you cannot access some features such as having a company name with a unique abbreviation and corporate payment.

Payment Verification: you can transfer a random amount of money with your business payment account, which will be paid back after the verification. Same as Legal Representative verification, you don’t need to pay a fee, but you cannot access some features.

N/B: verification of foreign companies (without business registration in China) is not supported.

Step 4. Start adding contacts

As an Admin, you can start adding your team to WeChat Work using a variety of methods:

Import contacts from the Excel file

Import contacts from the Tencent Enterprise Email address book

Add manually

Send red packets to your team members on WeChat to invite them to WeChat Work


Step 5. Download the App

Download the WeChat Work app from Apple’s App Store, your favorite Android store, or an APK file downloaded from WeChat Work official website. There is also a desktop version for Mac and Windows.

After receiving an invitation from your Admin or another WeChat Work user, you can click on the invitation and choose “Join the Company”.

The WeChat Work app will open and will require you to input some information such as your name and phone number.

After providing the information, you will officially join your company on WeChat Work.

As an Admin, you can also download the App and manage your team from there. As a normal member, however, the management abilities on the WeChat Work app are more limited as compared to the Desktop Admin Console.

Step 6. Verify your real name

Just like a Company needs to submit information, company members also need to get their personal identities verified to access the full features of WeChat Work.

To verify your Real Name, head to the “Me” tab on your WeChat Work app, tap on your "Name" and choose “Identity Verification”.

If you are a Mainland Chinese citizen, submit your ID No. for face authentication

For Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and overseas users, submit the image of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license, together with a mobile phone statement or credit card statement

As an Admin, you still need to verify your real name.

Step 7. Invite more colleagues to join

All members can invite other colleagues on WeChat to join:

Head to the Contacts tab in your WeChat Work app

Tap the top-right icon, or “Invite Colleague” from the list of contact and choose the WeChat contacts you want to invite

After you sent an invitation, the invitee needs to wait for permission from the Admin to successfully join the company.

Final words: Start exploring the WeChat Work ecosystem

Similar to WeChat, WeChat Work is more than just a messaging app. It provides you an ecosystem to communicate with your team members and people within a closed network. There are many out-of-the-box Apps from the Workspace and third-party App Store that can support most of your daily tasks. If you need more tailored-made solutions that work for a large-scale company, then try implementing Customized Apps and Mini Programs and connecting your current system to WeChat Work through APIs. Experienced developers will help you better on this task.

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