WeChat Moments Ads Complete Guide
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If you are looking for advertising on Wechat, Wechat Moments Ads are one of the best solutions to reach your targeted audience. How does it work to advertise in WeChat Moments? This guide will help you understand the different types of Moment ads for you to build the best strategy.

7 Advantages of WeChat Moments Ads

1. WeChat, A Strategic Platform Where To Advertise

WeChat users are spending 3x more time on WeChat daily than on platforms such as Taobao and Tmall. On average, users also open the app 10 times per day! Therefore, WeChat appears as an interesting platform where advertisers can be more visible.

2. WeChat Moments, The place Where To Find Your Audience

Moments seem to be addictive for the Chinese audience. 780 million users were using the WeChat Moments feature and more than 120 million users posted at least one Moment daily in 2019.

3. Increase Your Visibility With WeChat Moments Ads
WeChat Moment Ads provide interesting advantages for Brands to reach WeChat’s huge source audience.

4. Appear Natively In The Moments Feed

WeChat Moments Ads are native ads. In other words, they will appear on the Moment feed like any other Moment post. Users are therefore seeing them by simply scrolling through their Moments.

5. Do Not Flood UsersWeChat Moments Ads are distributed in a smart way. Unlike other social platforms that may send a torrent of advertisements to users, users can only receive a maximum of 2 Moments ads per day. This way, users tend to pay more attention to the ads they receive. They can also click on the top right corner of the ad and declare they are not interested in the type of ad they receive.

6. Appear Natively In The Moments Feed

An example of successful interactions on Moments ads is the one from the travel agency Tripadvisor. According to an interview with SocialBeta, Tripadvisor received and replied to thousands of comments from a WeChat Moments Ad they created in May 2019.

7. Better target Your Audience
The WeChat Moments Ads setting allows advertisers to define their audience based on many different criteria, combined with a powerful target audience finder.

A Niche Target Audience Tool

WeChat is broadly used by Chinese people in their daily life, for many purposes. The super-app is therefore gathering useful data, including their occupation, location, hobbies, and interests, in a very detailed way. Below are the 4 main advantages for brands:

1. A Similar Audience Finder

The WeChat Moments Ads algorithm operates on a network basis. Therefore, if a user interacts with a Moments Ad, his contacts have more chances to receive the exact same ad. 

2. Access To Mass Data

WeChat Ads provide many information and statistics about the Moments Ads to help brands better understand how users interact with their ads. These data are useful for future ads creation and retargeting.

3. Optimize Your Budget

Because WeChat Moment Ads are native, they are not flooding users and they disappear if they don’t interact. The number of impressions is thus very qualitative. This optimization of the Moments Ads’ impressions is providing better opportunities for brands to convert as well as avoiding paying for impressions that do not convert.

4. Access To Many WeChat Services

Using WeChat Moments Ads allows brands to redirect users to other WeChat features without any additional costs. The entire WeChat ecosystem can be used for redirecting users who click on the ads towards Official Accounts, H5 landing pages, location-based services, Mini Programs, and many more.

How To Target Users With WeChat Ads Moments
WeChat Ads Moments are powerful to target very specific audiences based on demographics, environment, interests, behaviors, and/or Official Accounts followed.
Brands can target users who belong to a certain gender, education level, marital status, and age between 14 and 60 years old.
EnvironmentThe WeChat Ads platform can target users who have a specific operating system and/or mobile operator and is powerful to collect location data.
Targeting users in China and OverseaWeChat is broadly used in China, and mainland data is tracked to target audiences in a specific areas, such as:

A specific area

A region

A province

A city

A business district

Users’ permanent residence

Users’ recent month’s residential area

Users traveling oversea (supporting 30 countries)

Users’ oversea permanent residence (supporting 11 countries)

Location-based Services

A Location-Based Services Platform

Brands can of course target people in a specific city or area, but not only. WeChat Moments Ads include a Location-based Services (LBS) platform that allows them to target people close to a commercial area with a 0.5 to 5 kilometers radius. This way, WeChat Moments Ads are even suitable for brick-and-mortar stores that can target people close to them or nearby an identified Point Of Interest (POI), send them to store coupons, and attract physical traffic to their shop!
The WeChat platform currently identifies over 4,400 commercial areas in China and 58 million POI (Point of interest) advertisers can select.
interests WeChat platform is providing many more targeting options based on interests than other social media, due to the large range of services offered.
behavior “Behaviors” option on WeChat Moments Ads allows brands to target niche audiences, based on their previous behavior, combined with their interests. It is an option brands could use to maximize their ad conversion. 
Re-targeting the “Behaviors” option on WeChat Moments Ads is also a good tool for retargeting. Brands can decide to target people who already clicked on their previous ads, which is an interesting way to trigger the users’ interest in the Brand and remind them about their products.
Search For The WordThe “Search For The Word” option is a powerful tool to make “ready-to-buy” users discover your brand. Here, we are targeting people you want to buy a product, but do not know from which brands.