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IT Consultis is a leading digital agency in Shanghai, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City strongly committed to researching, creating, and executing the best digital solutions. Ranging from strategic projects to entirely tailor-made web developments, apps, e-commerce websites, and in-store experiences. ITC provides excellence for direct-to-consumer solutions. IT Consultis has rapidly expanded to reach over 60 employees, while working with some of the largest brands in the world including GAP, Zara, Porsche, Decathlon, Budweiser, Leica, Amcham, and many more

1. The Services of a Digital Agency in Shanghai

     1.1. Web Development, WeChat Mini Program, and Mobile App Development

     1.2. eCommerce

     1.3. Consulting and Business Intelligence

2. A Digital Agency in Shanghai: Master the Chinese Market

     2.1. Porsche - A Branded Gamification Developed for WeChat

     2.2. Swatch - A Loyalty Plan Built on WeChat

     2.3. Roger Dubuis - Working Out a Viral Campaign

     2.4. Vetreska - Referral Deals and Personalized Mini Programs

     2.5. Brighter Beauty - Bring High Tech High Definition Experience 

     2.6. GAP - Building the In-Store Experience of the Future

The Services of a Digital Agency in Shanghai

At IT Consultis, we are a digital agency in Shanghai that offers an array of high-quality services to our esteemed clients. These services include web development, e-commerce websites, Wechat Mini Programs, Mobile Apps, and in-store experiences using Business intelligence and System integrations. We bring all-exhaustive customer experiences to reality, providing consulting services and a close follow-up of our clients at the same time. We are in the business of empowering highly-ambitious worldwide businesses via digital transformation on high-speeding Asian commercial terrains. With over 60 professionals all over three nations, IT Consultis provides extremely innovative and tech results that focus on turning in the greatest ROI.

Web development, Wechat Mini Program, and Mobile App development

Different development tools...

It is not enough to just design a Mini Program, a Mobile App, or a website. It is equally and even far more important to work at developing them. At IT Consultis, we undertake web development works that can convert your simple web design into a completely operational website. Our aim here is to bring a website that any of your bottom line and users will anticipate. Our company has mostly worked on Omnichannel projects and has adopted a headless approach for a great majority of them. Working with Magento, exposed APIs, React, React Native, or Vue.js. 

Moreover, we make these languages work with a number of the prevailing Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal, frameworks like Laravel or SSG (Static Site generator). In all, we provide each of our clientele with top-notch websites in their fully developed conditions. We commit ourselves to ensuring that we deliver successfully on any task you assign to our company. It is highly important you know and understands that your web development has so much to say about your service or product. It does show who you are as a brand. 

... to build Excellence

In short, the better developed your project looks, the better is it to gain traction. And, that’s what our team of specialist developers are out there to help your brand achieve. What’s more, they are fully armed with the tools, resources, and expertise to give you the best of the best. 

So, with each of your digital development projects we choose to embark upon, we endeavor to be excellent. We make use of abundant tech, great design, and the best research practices in User Experience (UX). We achieve all of our feats with the help of our crew of trained and multi-disciplinary web developers. We have all it takes to design and develop great websites for an entire array of diverse clients regardless of their size, industry, and project goals. It’s therefore not surprising that we have enjoyed robust partnerships with our clientele today. 


eCommerce in China

Do you hope to get into the eCommerce market in China and generate more revenues? If so, then you’re just at the right place you can be and at the right time for that matter. With a burgeoning population of online buyers in China, there are limitless prospects for you. However, you need to understand that that metric on its own does not translate to online marketing success. 

To succeed with Chinese E-commerce marketing (outside of the marketplaces), you need to have an eCommerce WeChat Mini Program or to a less important extent, a Mobile App that will be of help to your particular business needs as well as objectives. As you can almost tell, your eCommerce platform needs to satisfy what you and your customers want or desire. With the availability of the best OpenSource or Enterprise (for Bigger project) eCommerce platform in place, Magento with third-party integrations like CRM and ERP, you can always count on our experts to assist you in integrating your storefront into the web. 

A Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) experience

Back and forth, with every of your eCommerce project we embark on, we make sure to attain excellent results. How do we do that? 

We are able to build complete direct-to-consumer experiences in Asian Markets. For instance, we build an excellent WeChat Mini Program eCommerce experience, involving referral programs and complete personalization. We are also familiar with linking our Mobile App to Wechat.

ITC has worked on dozens of global and local projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. The digital solutions built for our clients permitted them to make tens of thousands of orders a day and leverage their annual revenue.

Consulting and business intelligence

A Digital Agency in Shanghai close to its clients

Ever wonder how to manage your omnichannel in China or other places? How your ERP, your finance system, your social CRM, your CRM, your OMS, your website, your global infrastructure…. How do work and interconnect all those systems together? ITC can help you figure it all out. 

You may need some help to make your web project ideas come true. Our professionals at ITC are here to offer you the necessary help you need. We provide consultancy services for digital transformation projects. In that process, we take time to assess any practical idea you’d like to bring to bear in your workplace, and from there we give you suitable ideas. 

In this regard, our efforts are geared towards offering optimum business solutions that can make you leverage your sales. As you would come to discover, these concerted efforts are based on many years of experience gathering in overseeing tech tasks. In addition, if you require assistance with the creation of specialist scoping documents for your tasks, we have all it takes to help you achieve success in that regard. ITC has all the resources – talent, skills, knowledge, and competency – to give your business the clean accuracy that the outcome of your project needs. 

The Expertise you need

In all, we always work to achieve optimal results with each project we embark on. How does that happen? ITC’s got a robust system on the ground that helps your business consulting aspirations materialize. Our work traditions support the usage of front-row tech, creative thinking, and current design. More so, we work with the best user-experience research practices to achieve the best outcomes we can in the industry. We are able to do all we do with the help of our staff of skilled and multi-disciplined consultants. 

Professionals from IT Consultis digital agency in Shanghai have everything in place to offer well-meaning advice as well as submissions you’ll need to piece your business puzzles together. Not withstanding your size, the industry as well as business portfolio, you can get reliable advisory services from our well-trained professionals. Our focus is on giving you expert guidance on our journey to business breakthroughs.

A Digital Agency in Shanghai: Mastering the Chinese Market with Several Projects

PORSCHE – A Branded Gamification Developed for WeChat

When we worked with Porsche, our objective was to enlighten owners of Porsche on the Porsche upkeep program. The solutions we applied were threefold. 

One, we developed a mobile game in WeChat making use of educational content. To be more specific, the game was all about a race against maintenance locations all along the way. Second, the strategic design showcases a logic of power and speed. And finally, we designed a rear bar that keeps a trail of the progression of the race. Over and over, all through the process, our technological tools were HTML5 and Laravel

We created a welcoming video introducing the importance of maintenance. Users just have to fill in their names and handpick their cars. Also, we created a welcome page, a journey selection to begin the race, a tracking tool for the race, and a map with maintenance stations all over the route. After the race completion gets a “Thank you” page along with a QR code. 

And consequently, we were able to create and boost awareness of the maintenance for Porsche. What’s more, Porsche was able to collect all user information

SWATCH – A Loyalty Plan Built on WeChat 

It is important you define the needs of your WeChat Mini Program Development with Magento. Even if you can’t achieve this on your own, our top team of digital marketing thinkers will assist you. One of the company examples that benefited from this goodness is Swatch. As the name sounds, Swatch is a premium brand for watches lovers. So, we helped Swatch define appropriately its user experience and from there designed a loyalty program for it that has helped it beat the competition. A top of our objectives was to grow a loyalty plan to interact with customers in China. The second was to enhance product offerings as well as simplify repeat purchases. 

More so, we welded every sales medium into the loyalty program. In doing so, our approach was to create a portal linking Swatch CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through API. We also used WeChat to x-ray the QR code and obtained access to Swatch Club. What about the tools we used? We deployed some headless architecture, ReactJS for the front-end, Drupal, and Laravel for the back-end. 

And as you would expect, the results were real – we produced an Omnichannel experience for their customers. These channels were WeChat, SMS, Swatch Club Portal, offline stores, and so on.

ROGER DUBUIS – Working out a Viral Campaign

Knowing and expressing the needs of your Mini Program is a very important approach to an eCommerce business using WeChat. One of the stellar records we had doing business with Chinese eCommerce brands with Roger Dubuis, a notable watch brand. With them, we formed a great partnership that ascended their business to greater heights. We helped Roger Dubuis work out a viral campaign. In determining the objective, we were focused – on simply establishing the launch of their special edition watch – Excalibur Spider Pirelli. 

In approaching this launch, our solutions were to-the-point as well. We created and launched a campaign that lasted 8888 minutes. The number 8 has a strong meaning in China and means luck. Also, we set up an O2O involvement. The magic that followed was that buyers can now book WeChat appointments, make deposits, and finalize procurements at offline stores. In addition, we incorporated WeChat Pay. The technologies we used include HTML5 and Laravel

At the end of the project, interestingly, the results were great. Within seconds, all their watches were sold. Roger Dubuis's store had over 5 million visualizations, over 17,000 engagements, and 7,500 fresh followers. Isn’t that amazing?

VETRESKA – Referral Deals and Personalized Mini Programs

Ventresca remains one of the leading cat toys and food brands in China to the rest of the world. The company remains one of our most trumpeted success stories as far as Mini Programs is concerned. Ventresca related to us what they need relating to a Mini Program. Our expert team carefully delivered a project that completely fits their requirements. 

First, Vetreska needed an individualized Personal Customer encounter. They wanted stuff that reflected their viable brand identity and added value to their customers. They also sought a way out that could customize each of their individualized experiences. Moreover, they were willing to play after the idea of using referral programs to strengthen their customer experience. Basically, the referral programs account for rehearsals to stimulate users to talk, commenting, and relate stuff regarding their brand. 

So, with our team, they were able to create a points system that converts every referral on reaching some point of accumulation with the Mini Program. Eventually, the results were that customers could link up with the Mini Program making use of their WeChat account. Also, using Magento, they were able to have in place a secured and optimized WeChat login solution for their Mini Program.

BRIGHTER BEAUTY – Bring High-Tech – High Definition Experience to Users

Brighter Beauty also had its fair share of our brand’s rich expertise. Our major objective was to offer first-hand service to the market via a “high-tech – high touch” know-how which deliberates WeChat Mini Program Development helps. 

Dealing with the challenges Brighter Beauty had, one of our responses was to offer suggestions dependent on market statistics and research. Another response was to take advantage of a user experience that tallies with the company’s image and showcases the value of the brand suitably. Again, we developed technologies and provided a seamless customer journey and efficient transactions. 

In the process, some of the features we helped them develop were the homepage, check-in page, services page, membership page, my list page, check out page, user account management, and confirmation page. The technologies we deployed consist of Magento 2, Nova, Laravel, Docker,, and Android Studio. And again, the results were completely evident. Successfully, we set up an entire brand identity. We were able to create a seamlessly smooth and high-speed Mini Program.

GAP - Building the In-Store Experience of the Future

For Old Navy, a brand owned by GAP, we imagined the store of the future. A place where you can easily find clothes that suits you. Using interactive tablets, ITC created an entire Offline-to-Online (O2O) experience. Based on their body type and preferences, customers receive in-store product recommendations. Making the shopping experience simpler and gamified was one objective ITC achieved by creating this entire in-store digitized experience. A second goal was to maximize the conversion rate, by avoiding customers leaving the store disappointed without having found what they were looking for.

What About your Digital Project in China? 

IT Consultis is a digital agency in Shanghai, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City strongly committed to researching, creating, and executing the best digital solutions, ranging from strategic projects to entirely tailor-made web developments, Mini Programs, and Mobile Apps, e-commerce websites, and in-store experiences.

IT Consultis helps you build excellence in your digital transformation strategy in China. Contact us to know more.