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Organizations that need to host a website which is easily accessible within China may have trouble with some providers.

Host your website for a chinese target

However, at IT Consultis we have specifically tailored hosting solutions which are designed to accommodate sites that will receive a large number of Chinese visitors.

We have servers located in China itself, as well as a hosting platform in Hong Kong, Germany and France. Both offer exceptional domestic and international access so that you can be sure of consistently fast performance no matter where your target audience happens to be based;

If your site currently suffers from limited or sporadic availability in China, it might be beneficial to choose our Hong Kong-based servers to host it.

Why hosting is essential

Business sites are digital storefronts for the brands they represent, so it is essential to choose a hosting solution which is going to preserve the reputation of your company. The growth of web access in China has caused a real boom in e-commerce usage, which is why so many companies are now thinking about how best to market themselves to Chinese consumers.

Not only is the highest possible uptime essential but page load and response times are also important for both the user experience and for long term search engine rankings.

IT Consultis web hosting capabilities

We pride ourselves on offering resilient hosting solutions with excellent levels of uptime. If a problem does arise, then we endeavor to fix faults as quickly as possible, recognizing the importance of minimizing any outages. To ensure that your queries and problems are addressed as quickly as possible, we can be reached almost every day of the year - another reassuring factor when choosing one of our web hosting packages.

To find out more about our web hosting capabilities, why not contact our hosting team? Now is the ideal time to prepare your business for the economic boom in the East.

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IT Consultis’ team listened & advised us very carefully and professionally during the project definition phase. The team was extremely creative, coming up with a splendid responsive design [...] they were detailed oriented and master today’s new technology perfectly. They have a great Drupal expertise. Your project is in good hands with them.

Remy Porta

ALT Ltd chooses IT Consultis both for its website ( and catalogue (available on our website). From very draft ideas to final implementation, IT consultis has done an outstanding job with constant focus and great understanding. ALT Ltd recommends IT Consultis’ services to any company looking for professional and reliable web design, development and SEO partner.


Thomas Robin